DjBigO317 says goodbye to his mother Christel Helga Krieger who has passed on do to Brain And Lung Cancer on 12-18-2013
Story by Charlee Smiles Publicist

Warning this video content is really Heart Breaking, view at your own risk. I have had the pleasure of meeting the proud mother of Oliver DjBigO317 Jackson when I used to work for SyYung and MossdaBeast back like in 2011 when Big O used to do promo and manage them. Ms Christel was a real fire cracker she was fast to tell you if you were out of line. I was really touched when she reached out to me via phone when she texted me and started chatting with me. Once she moved to Indianapolis with Oliver DjBigO317 Jackson her son about 11 weeks ago, I received some shocking news from Ms.Christel that she was in the hospital for a headache and she found out she had Cancer. I remember it like it was yesterday she called me and said Charlee I just found out that I have Cancer, I don’t know how my son is going to take it, he is out on Tour with kCAne MarkCO up in New York City. The doctors and his wife already told him via by phone. Alot of you didn’t know but DjBigO317 just beat Cancer with in the last year. I didn’t want to call him cause I knew he took it hard on the phone. Fast forward to Dec 12th 2013 I get a another heart warming phone call from Ms.Christel and DjBigO317  wanting to know if I could come to spend the weekend with Ms.Christel, while DjBigO317, DjSquad574 her grandson and DjPunch317 were going back out on tour with kCAne MarkCO to promote the SONY single “Let Her Werk It”. While they left I was at the house with Ms.Christel, his sister Heidi and his Wife. At bout 04:30 hrs she asked to go to the hospital because of the pain she was in, who would of known that was the last time I would see her again at home!

If you like to donate to Christel Helga Krieger Memorial Fund just click the link below!!

Oliver DjBigO317 Jackson says goodbye to his Dying Mother Christel Helga Krieger who passed away 12-18-2013